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Using the 24'' Wacom Cintiq Tablets at the Freedman Center

Step-by-step guide when using the Wacom Cintiq Tablet

Wacom Cintiq Tablet Tutorial

Step by Step Guide - Tablet Mode on Stations 5 and 6

Step 1 - Move the keyboard and mouse off to the side for a clear work area.

Step 2 - Grab hold of the bottom half of the silver handles on both sides of the monitor and squeeze to tilt the screen a little more than halfway back.

Step 3 - Underneath the monitor, pull the lever towards yourself, allowing the tablet to rotate forward.

Step 4 - You can find the stylus secured on the right of the tablet in its display. 

Step 5 - When you are ready to reverse back from tablet mode, pull up the display until you hear a "click". Next, grab the two silver handles once more and squeeze to tilt the screen back to its original position.

Step 6 - Resituate the keyboard, mouse, and stylus to their proper place.

If the stylus is missing or damaged, or for any additional questions please email