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How to Digitize an 8mm Video Tape in the Freedman Center - Supplemental Instruction

Supplemental walkthrough for using the 8mm tape disk for video digitization at the Freedman Center for Digital Scholarship

8mm Digitization Video Tutorial

Step by Step Guide - 8mm Unit Digitization

Step 1 - In the video digitization room of the Freedman Center, locate the 8mm tape deck on Station 1, corresponding to letter F on the switch box.

Step 2 - Towards the back of the piece of equipment, find the on/off switch to make sure it is turned on.

Step 3 - To insert the desired physical media, start by pulling the eject button to the right to prepare for inserting the tape. 

Step 4 - Hold the tape with the section that opens towards the top, if all the tape is on the left wheel the tape is rewound, however if there is any tape on the right side it is rewound. Push the tape into the tape deck and then push it down, until you hear it "click". After the tape loads, close the top of the tape deck. 

Step 5 - The main buttons on the tape deck are the stop, rewind, fast forward, and play buttons. The tape will play onto the computer (learn how to set this up in another video), make sure you press firmly to stop the tape. 

Step 6 - When you are ready, stop and rewind the tape. Then, eject the tape, waiting for it to come all the way back up. Remove the tape, and touch the plastic to return it inside, close the top cover, and finally turn the unit off. 

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