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Batch Convert and Resize Images in Adobe Photoshop

Self-help walkthrough for basic image conversion to lower resolution and mildy compressed jpeg images at the Freedman Center for Digital Scholarship

Adobe Image Processor Conversion Tutorial

Step by Step Guide - Converting Images

Step 1 - Create a new folder (titled JPG) for the newly converted JPG images.

Step 2 - Launch "Photoshop" and activate the "File" window menu, click Scripts > Image Processor

Step 3 - In the "Image Processor" box, find "select images to process", where you select the newly set up folder, and hit OK. You do not need to include all subfolders.

Step 4 - Choose to save the files in the "JPG" Folder.

Step 5 - Select JPG as the type of file you would like. As for the quality, the highest you can do is 12, which is the closest you can get to the original image. Try not to go past 6. 

Step 6 - Select the most width or height you can do in the Resize Fit Section. 

Step 7 - Click Run and wait until all images open, resize, and save as JPG. There will be no notification when it finishes, so keep an eye out for that. 

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