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Canon PowerShot XS70 Digital Camera at KSL

A quick tour of the Canon PowerShot XS70 Camera

Video Tutorial

Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: The camera specs include 20 megapixel camera with 65 x optical zoom, there is a lens cap attached to the body along with a strap (do not remove this). Remember that anything the library lends only goes out for two nights.

Step 2: Upon opening the bottom of the camera you can find two things, a memory card (which you can use if your computer has a memory card reader) and a battery. You will need to take the battery out as it is charged using an external battery charger. Whether or not the camera is charged depends on its previous user. 

Step 3: To export images without using the memory card reader, you can find a USB port on the side of the camera by popping off the side hatch. The USB wire is USB-A on the other side, if you do not have USB-A you will need to get an adapter or dongle yourself. 

Step 4: If you need the flash, you will physically lift the flash with your finger and close when you do not need it anymore.

Step 5: There is a camera view screen that opens, flips, and folds back the other way. Remember, the view screen is not touchscreen so do not try to use it in that manner.

Step 6: The power button is found on the top side of the camera. It will ask you for the date and time, you do not need to set this up, but you can if you want to. 

Step 7: Click on menu to go through all the menu items. Make sure to format the card upon receiving the camera by selection the last option in the menu and pressing 'Format Card' > 'OK'. This is to ensure that you do not rely on the settings of the camera in case the previous user changed them up. 

Step 8: Once you are finished with the equipment, place the lens cap back on, put the camera back in the bag along with the USB cable and the battery charger.

If you are experiencing any problems with the camera or have any additional questions, let us know by contacting