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PicoProjector at KSL

A quick tour of the PicoProjector equipment

Video Tutorial

Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: The projector is lended out for two days and comes in a shoulder strap briefcase to make sure it is protected. In the first pocket, there is the projector, a 1200 lumen pico projector. It is so small you could put it on tripod with the quarter-twenty jack on the bottom. 

Step 2: The battery pack is included with the equipment, still you should make sure to charge it through the ac adapter immediately before use as the previous user may not have. 

Step 3: On the side of the PicoProjector, there is the manual focus. There are many bottoms on the top along with various inputs, including a USB at the back to play certain media from a USB stick, a compact flash card, VGA, and the analog inputs.

Step 4: In the other pocket of the back, there are various accessories including: the AC Adapter, a remote control, a long braided HDMI cable, and an analog adapter

If you have any questions or concerns, email