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Bluetooth Headphones on Viewing Stations at The Freedman Center

Easy guide for how to connect bluetooth headphones in the Freedman Center at KSL

Video Tutorial

Step by Step Guide

Step 1: On all viewing stations, you should see the bluetooth transmitter which is a little black box connected to the USB port for power as well as the headphone splitter, with volume all the way up. 

Step 2: Find the power switch on the back of the bluetooth transmitter and make sure it is turned off before you sit down at the station. Once you are done using the viewing station, make sure that it is once again turned off as it is possible to accidentally connect to a transmitter at a different station if they are turned on and not in use, so please be aware of this. 

Step 3: Put your headphones in pairing mode. 

Step 4: On the back of the bluetooth transmitter, there is a little slider switch, slide it to the right to turn the unit on. The transmitter should have flashing blue lights for 'Bluetooth 1' and 'Bluetooth 2'. 

Step 5: The unit should automatically connect to your headphones, however if it doesn't, you can press the button with a headphone icon on it, Headphone #1, and it should connect. 

Step 6: To connect another headphone, make sure the second pair are in pairing mode and then press the 'Headphone #2' icon on the right. 

Step 7: To adjust volume, you may be able to control it on the unit itself or directly from your headphones. 

Step 8: The lag of your headphones may differ based on if your headphones were built for phones or tv viewing. Those built for tv viewing may have less lag than those built for phones.
Step 9: Once again, make sure the bluetooth transmitter is turned off by sliding the switch to the left.

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