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Choice Reviews Diversity Collection Assessment: Home

Choice Reviews Diversity Assessment


Choice Reviews is a magazine published through ACRL in which scholars review monographs. Choice is considered the premier source for reviews in higher education.  Below is a diversity assessment of Case Western Reserve University's library holdings as compared to Choice Review's Outstanding Academic Titles deemed "essential" in specific interdisciplinary subjects tagged by Choice.

The analysis below considers a title "in holdings" if a CWRU campus library owns a physical copy and/or an eBook copy.  "Not in holdings" means CWRU researchers do not have immediate access to a title as a physical book or an eBook. 

Interdisciplinary subjects analyzed include African and African American Studies, Asian and Asian American Studies, Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Studies, Islamic Studies, Latin American and Latina/o Studies, Middle Eastern Studies, Native American Studies, Women's and Gender Studies, Racial Justice.

Quick Facts

  • The collection analysis concluded in March 2021 and included 1144 unique titles between the nine subject groups. 
    • **There is overlap of some titles within the subject groups and the overlap is included in the visualization below in order to accurately represent the number of titles in each subject group. Because of this difference, the pie chart for all subjects only offers a slightly different figure. **  


  • Titles in CWRU's holdings are as follows:
    • 76% (869 titles) are in holdings, 24% (275 titles) are not in holdings.
    • CWRU owns 608 titles as print books, 575 titles as eBooks, and 314 in both formats.
    • Of the 869 titles in our holdings, 78% (682 titles) are owned permanently and 22% (187 titles) are owned through temporary eBook access.
      • Temporary eBook access includes eBook subscriptions and user-driven initiatives (EBA/DDA).
      • Majority of eBook temporary access comes from the EBSCO eBook subscription


  • $20,000 is the estimated price to purchase a print copy of all titles not in CWRU's holdings.  Estimated eBook pricing will vary based on user-level, platform, and availability.


A second analysis of the Choice Outstanding Academic Interdisiplanry Titles was completed in March 2022, one year since the initial assessment. 

KSL added 66 unique titles to the collection. The Tableau visualzition below reflects the collection growth. 


Acquisitions Librarian