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CWRU Libraries Discovery & Authentication

Guide provides guidance in the new search engine and authentication methods.

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Reminder: Online Access

  • Library resources require going through CWRU Single Sign-On.
  • The best method is to follow links from the library website.
  • When logged in and a browser window is not closed, access should continue from resource to resource.
  • Remember to close your browser when done.

New Authentication Method

At the start of 2019, the CWRU Libraries implemented a new authentication method. Via OpenAthens, a user of the library online resources will be routed through CWRU's Single Sign-On (SSO). The advantage is VPN will no longer be needed for the majority of library resources.

What do you need to know?

  • Some web addresses will be changing. Please start your searches and access from the library website, including the catalog, CWRU Libraries Discovery, eJournal Portal, and Databases list. Your previously bookmarked shortcuts may stop working.
  • You will need to log-in for all library online access, even when on the campus wired network or the "Case Wireless" network.
  • Close your browser when done.
  • When logged in and a browser window is not closed, access should continue from resource to resource.
  • Some resources, listed below, will still require VPN to gain access.

Please note that when on a database or journal website, a link to OpenAthens may lead back to the CWRU Single Sign-On screen.

For assistance, please use the Ask A Librarian services.

CWRU Libraries Discovery

The Kelvin Smith Library has retired the Summon search and switched to a new tool. CWRU Libraries Discovery operates in a similar fashion and allows the searching across the libraries collections and beyond. It will search 1.2+ million book and journal titles, which includes over tens of millions of articles.

The CWRU Libraries Discovery is available both on and off-campus via OpenAthens login.

Guide Reviewed

Revised and updated on 12/21/2021

CWRU Libraries Discovery