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MicroFilm-Fiche-Card Scanning

What Micromaterials are, and how to view them with the scanner.

The Scanner

Located in the Freedman Center on the 1st floor, the MicroMaterial Scanner requires the USB key marked  “MicroFilm Only” to operate and the USB key can be borrowed at the Service Center Desk.

The MicroFilm-Fiche-Card Scanner magnifies proportionally shrunk materials that are on microfilm reels, microfiche sheets, or microcards and scans the pages to PDF files. The scanner accepts both 32 mm and 16 mm Microfilm reels.

Types of Materials Scanned



MicroFilm looks like a film reel (except tiny!) and typically comes in a box indicating the reel’s contents. Both 32mm and 16mm film work in the scanner. As the film is transparent, the light shines from below the film. Both positive and negative film can be scanned. 



MicroFiche are flat transparent sheets of film, and the tops of each sheet contain the author, contents, and page number (often there are multiple microfiche to a set). Microfiche, like Microfilm, is always lit from below and both positive and negative film can be scanned.




MicroCards are similar to microfiche except they are made of paper and opaque. To view, light must be positioned from above; brightness may need to be increased.