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Selfie Studio

What KSL's Selfie Studio contains, how to use the studio, and the borrowing expectations for the studio.

The Studio

Located in the Freedman Center, the Selfie Studio requires a reservation, and borrowing the key marked “Selfie Studio” to access from the Service Center.

The Selfie Studio is a "Cell-Only" studio built to create videos, take portrait photos, record monologues or lectures with your personal device. KSL does not loan out cell phones to be used in this studio nor can our video or still cameras be used here. Our Studio is specifically designed with phone mounts, studio lighting and backdrop for your needs, but the room is not sound proofed.

Using the Studio for the following is NOT permitted: for Live Streaming, as a Podcast Room, Collaboration Room, or Virtual Meeting Room.

To reserve, please visit the "Reserving Online" section of this guide. 

Ideas for Using Space


Recording for social media, an interview, or a lecture? Practicing public speaking for a Communications course?

The Selfie Studio's 4 modes of lighting create a variety of ideal film settings. The studio is not intended for video camera recording and none of the equipment has the capability of supporting those filming systems. The studio is not soundproofed or a recording booth.


Need a headshot? Have a product you need a nice, close-up photo of?

Our photography specific equipmentthe Portrait Light and Table Lightcreate ideal environments for close-up photos. Both Lights' brightness are adjustable, while the table light can change warmth levels. If desired, still cameras are available to check-out at the Freedman Center's Tech Table to CWRU students, faculty, and staff to use within the studio. 

Record Audio

Have a speaking assignment for Japanese class? Are you practicing a monologue for Theater? 

While KSL's Selfie Studio is not soundproof or a recording booth, the space provides the privacy to perform. The Freedman Center's Tech Table has different audio kits that CWRU students, faculty, and staff can check out and use in within the studio. 


Lending Policies

2 hour limit per day.

→ KSL's Selfie Studio is the only space within the library capable of these photo/filming functions so there are NO exceptions to this rule. 

3 person occupancy max.

→Meaning: 2 people in front of camera and 1 person behind recording. NO MORE.

NO Food or Open Drinks are permitted.

→ Dispose of any accumulated trash when you leave.

Available for checkout to CWRU students, faculty, and staff at the Service Center. CWRU Alumni, CIA, CIM, Public or Visiting patrons are not permitted to check out the studio.

Use KSL’s Selfie Studio for its intended purpose; not as a Zoom Room, Podcast Room, for Live-streaming, or a Collaboration Room.

→ If we find that patrons are using the space for any of the prohibited activities, we will remove them from the room.

KSL’s Selfie Studio is not to be used for commercial purposes.


All of the lights and equipment have been labeled for ease of use. We request that you do not make any unpermitted adjustments to these lights or add any personal attachments.  We advise to adjust the brightness on your personal device if the output of the lights are not what you need. If you have any suggestions for future equipment, furniture, or signage, please drop an email to

Portrait Light, specifically designed with portrait photos in mind, emits uniform white light across a larger surface area creating soft & balanced illumination. Brightness can be adjusted on the wall control panel in increments of 5%. Please return to 30% when finished. The Portrait Light works in tandem with the retractable Portrait Screen on the opposite wall.


Portrait Screen is a retractable white backdrop on the opposite wall of the Portrait Light intended for the Portrait Light. 


Ring Light diffuses light across the inner ring (facing user) and softens the harshness of shadows. Perfect for close-up photos or videos. Ideally for 1 person. Cool or Warm light, and the intensity of that light can be cycled through with the attached remote.


Ring Light Phone Cradle is attached to the Ring Light and stabilizes your cell phone when filming or taking photos. The only adjustable portions of the Phone Cradle are 1) Top Rear Dial that expands cradle to insert phone and rotates cradle to change orientation by loosening the back knob (may need to remove phone from case), and 2) Bottom Red Knob that, when loose, allows cradle to be leveled and tightened into place.

Twin Lights illuminate the entirety of the back wall providing a larger photography/ filming area for 1 or 2 people. These lights are affixed to both sides of the room, and the back wall has a black backdrop cloth for a uniform background. Phones are placed in the tripod beneath the TV, and, if desired, can be projected through the TV with the provided phone cables. Cell Phone charging cords are also provided. A HDMI cord is available for laptop connections.


Twin Lights Tripod cradles your phone when using the Spot Lights. Adjustments are entirely automatic using the attached remote. 

 Table Light, in contrast to Spot Lights, narrows the field of focus to the table top with the same light diffusion as the Ring Light. Perfect for close-ups. You can increase/ decrease brightness, and cycle through white, daylight, and warm saturation settings. A black and white mouse pad can be flipped between when needed. Must turn on light via remote found on the base of the table light.


TV Screen establishes a phone connection with the provided cables and can project whatever you wish from your device. Success with phone connectivity vary with known iOS success and known Android failure. We are working to resolve this issue. An HDMI cord is available for projecting computers through TV Screen as well. Intended use is with Spot Lights and Spot Lights Tripod. TV Screen must be turned on the remote hanging from wall.