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ARTH 284 -- History of Photography

Resources for the students in Dr. Andrea Rager's course

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Write a 1500-1875 word paper incorporating both formal analysis and scholarly research on a photograph in the collection of the Cleveland Museum of Art. Your paper must include:

  • reference to at least three scholarly resources (beyond the materials assigned as course readings)
  • proper in-text citation of all sources (parentheticals or footnotes are fine, MLA style preferred)
  • a full bibliography of all sources
  • legible reproductions of your selected photograph along with any comparative images accompanied by figure numbers and full captions.


Guidelines and Assessment

An “A” paper will be clearly written (edited and proof read for grammatical and spelling errors), have a strong thesis, a coherently developed argument, and demonstrate thoughtful engagement with the work itself.  Your paper must include close visual analysis of the material qualities of the work based on first-hand observation, building upon your Visual Analysis Paper.  This visual analysis should provide the foundation for a reflection upon the significance and meaning of the work within its given cultural context, informed by class readings and discussions, as well as your own research. 

Late papers will be marked down one and a half points (out of the total 15, effectively lowering the paper by one letter grade) for every twenty-four hours after the deadline.  Extensions will only be granted in extreme situations and must be discussed with me and approved in advance of the deadline. PLAGIARISM IN ANY FORM WILL RESULT IN A ZERO FOR THE ASSIGNMENT.


Drafts & Consultation

Students are strongly encouraged to work with your Teaching Assistant, Bing, in developing your bibliography, identifying what is an appropriate scholarly resource, and drafting your paper.  Please email her to arrange an appointment to meet.  Students are also encouraged to consult with me during office hours by appointment and to take advantage of the Writing Resource Center. For more information, please see:


Due: Wednesday, Dec. 4, submitted by email by 5pm

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