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Details on using the New York Times and the various access methods.

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Reminder: Online Access

  • Library resources require going through CWRU Single Sign-On.
  • The best method is to follow links from the library website.
  • When logged in and a browser window is not closed, access should continue from resource to resource.
  • Remember to close your browser when done.

Variety of Access Methods

The Kelvin Smith Library provides various resources that include access to The New York Times (NY Times) content. Depending on the years desired or the purpose of the research need, one access point may be the best choice.

New Yorks Times - Current Years through

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With a Kelvin Smith Library provided pass, you have full access to the extensive breaking news, world news, and multimedia of The New York Times without needing your own subscription. Enjoy full access to, and NYT mobile apps from any device.

Once activated from within the Case Western Reserve University's network, a pass can be used from any location until expiration documented upon enrollment confirmation (typically one year). 

Access includes:

  • Daily New York Times content (e.g. magazine, book review, science, art, opinion, real estate, sports, etc...)
  • Online archive (dating back to 1851). At this time, access to articles from 1923 to 1980 is limited to five articles for the entire duration of your Pass. University provides alternative access methods listed below.
  • Video content (spans all sections)
  • NYT Watching - TV and movie recommendations (with personalization option)
  • NYT mobile app
  • Virtual Reality app - which allows you (with a VR viewer) to experience some NYT content in 3D
  • Daily 360 content - two-dimensional videos that provide 360° views (with mobile device or using a mouse)
  • Podcasts (including our new "Daily" podcast)
  • Newsletters (there are a variety of topics that you may subscribe to)Article history and save options

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How to activate your Kelvin Smith Library provided access: 

  • While connected to the school network (campus wired computer, Case Wireless, or using VPN), visit
  • Search for and select Case Western Reserve
  • If you are signed into with an account associated with an email address other than your, log out first.
  • Click "Create Account" and complete fields; you must use your email. If you have previously registered your email address on The New York Times site, you will click the "Already have an account?" Log in here" link.
  • Verify your account. You will receive a confirmation email. It may take some time to arrive, and you may need to check the spam folder
  • Download your free NYT mobile app. Visit

After registration, you can enjoy access to from any network or location.

New York Times - Historical Years

The above access is not designed for research as the older content is limited. Access to articles from 1923 to 1980 is limited to five articles for the entire duration of the academic pass.

Use the access points below for historical access.