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Art of STEM Competition & Exhibit: Home

Homepage for the Art of STEM Competition at Kelvin Smith Library, Case Western Reserve Library.

Art of STEM Competition & Exhibit

Competition Overview

The Art of STEM Competition and Exhibit is a chance to look at science and research from an artistic angle. We invite you to find its inherent beauty and share it with the world through digital images. By celebrating the wide diversity of research at CWRU, the exhibit aims to inspire interest in STEM fields and promote collaboration.

STEM-related images will be judged by a jury of Case Western Reserve faculty and Cleveland-area art professionals for a chance to win cash prizes and be exhibited at Kelvin Smith Library. All entries will be included in an online exhibit hosted by Kelvin Smith Library

The Art of STEM Competition begins on Monday, November 18, 2019, and closes on Friday, January 31, 2020. 

Art of STEM Exhibition opening reception is scheduled for Thursday, March 19, from 5 to 7 p.m. at Kelvin Smith Library, followed by the award ceremony.


Art of STEM is open to Case Western Reserve University faculty, students and staff, Cleveland Institute of Art students who collaborate with a member of the Case Western Reserve community, as well as high school students from Cuyahoga County.

Entries can have one or more authors and only one entry is accepted for a single author. If there are multiple authors, one entry limitation applies based on the main author (person submitting the entry).


Accepted types of images

Art of STEM completion welcomes STEM-related digital images. Images should have a title and caption that describe the image in language that can be understood by the general public. 

Contestants are encouraged to submit the following types of images:

  • Images obtained from machines, instruments, or tools in a lab
  • Photographic images of nature, scientific phenomena, or people at work on a science-related project
  • Science and technology-related hand-drawn images
  • Computer-generated or digitally enhanced scientific images
  • Images that explain science or technology concepts
  • Images of art created using any type of technology 
  • Any other type of STEM-related image presented as art

Titles should be creative and indicative of the content of the image. 

Captions should describe in plain language the context of the image, why it is important to the author, and the value to the public. Captions are limited to a maximum of 200 words. 

Entrants should not include their name in the caption or title.


Judging & awards

A jury of Case Western Reserve faculty and Cleveland-area art professionals will select the winning entries based on artistic merit, title creativity, and caption clarity. Entries will be ranked based on the composite score of the three aspects evaluated.

Monetary prizes will be awarded for two categories as follows:

1.     CWRU and CIA

  • 1st Place: $350
  • 2nd Place: $200
  • 3rd Place: $100

2.    High School Students

  • Two $50 gift cards for the top two ranked entries

All winning entries along with three runner-ups from CWRU & CIA category and two in High School Category will be printed and included in the exhibit, and available for pick-up by the main author when the exhibit is dismantled.

All entries will be included in an online exhibit hosted by Kelvin Smith Library.