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Graduate Student - KSL Library Handbook: KSL Services for Graduate Students

Introduction to KSL resources and services for gradutae students

KSL Services for Graduate Students

Printing and Scanning


  • Wēpa printers are available on the 1st floor at KSL and print from the computers on each floor

  • You can print from KSL computers, from a flash drive or from any device on the campus network

  • Use your ID card to debit your CaseCash account. Wēpa cards of $5 face value are sold from a Wēpa machine at the entrance of KSL. You can check your Wēpa account balance online. Wēpa printers do not take cash.


When you need a document, paper, or chapter but you don't want paper copies, use the KIC Scanning Station on the first floor or scanners in the Freedman Center to scan anything. It's fast, free, and easy. You can email the KIC document to yourself or save it on USB or flash drive.