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Watching Movies from the Kelvin Smith Library - Part 2 - Viewing in the Freedman Center

A tour of how media players work down in the Freedman Center at Kelvin Smith Library

Video Tutorial

Step by Step Guide

Step 1: First, always make sure to bring your own analog headphones, to plug into the switch box next to the viewing screens, or you can use bluetooth headphones, the link to how to hook those up is down below. 

(Steps 2 - 6 for the DVD/VCR station)

Step 2: Grab the TV remote and turn the TV on at Station B. There are two remotes, one for the TV and one for the DVD/VCR combo. 

Step 3: The TV will ask for a VHS-DVD, go ahead and click 'OK' to activate it. 

Step 4: Check that the input on the VHS-DVD is set to your desired source, either VCR or DVD.

Step 5: Insert your media into the VHS-DVD hardware. And remember not to point the remote at the TV if it is for the DVD/VCR combo. 

Step 6: Once you finish, rewind the VHS tape to make it easy for future use. 

(Steps 7 - 12 for international DVD player use)

Step 7: For a PAL/International DVD, it will not be supported in the standard DVD Player so make sure to use the specified player at Station A. 

Step 8: When you are finished using this machine, make sure to turn it off along with the TV. 

Step 9: Over at Station A, there is the international Region Free DVD Player. This player can play all international DVDs, PAL, and NTSC. 

Step 10: Turn on the TV using the TV remote, and set it to the World DVD Player. There are also two remotes at this station: one for the TV and one for the DVD Player. 

Step 11: Press 'Eject' to open up the drive, grab your international DVD, and pop it in. The media should play without you needing to do anything else. 

Step 12: Once you finish, hit 'Eject' one more time, remove your disc, use the remote to turn off the TV and shut off the DVD Player.

If you have any more additional questions, please contact