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Marcel Dick

A guide to the works and life of Cleveland composer Marcel Dick, with special reference to the Marcel Dick papers housed in Case Western Reserve University, Kelvin Smith Library Special collections

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Jacey Kepich

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This guide serves as a quick reference to the life and works of Cleveland composer Marcel Dick (1898-1991). It is fitting to have such a resource at Case Western Reserve University, which houses Dick's papers. The finding aid for this collection is linked below. But a finding aid only deals with the material which it describes, and is organized by physical location rather than content. There is a paucity of reference information about Dick (no entries in either edition of New Grove or New Grove American), so the assembly of information in one place is particularly desirable. This guide is intended as a bibliographic starting point for interested musicologists.

(Credit for the creation of this guide goes to Jeffrey Quick, Cleveland Composers Guild member and former Kulas Music Library assistant.)

Updated 6/10/21

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