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Day of CMA: Setting Up and Saving a Photoshop Collage File

Day of CMA Collage Creation Contest Rules & Guidelines


While your collage file can be of any dimensions, it is important to establish a canvas size at the start and set the resolution to 300DPI.

This Photoshop Template can be used to start your collage. It is 24"x18" @ 300DPI.

If you would prefer to start from scratch:

In Photoshop click File > New

  1. Set Units to Inches
  2. Set Width & Height of final Collage (such as 24" x 18").
  3. Set Resolution to 300 Pixels/Inch
  4. Set Color Mode to RGB - 8 Bit

That's it! Once you get started, be sure NOT to Crop or Rotate the entire canvas.

Your layered file will save as a Photoshop Document.  The final file should be exported as a JPG file (see next tutorial).