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OSF - The Open Science Framework

A guide on CWRU's new open data and project management tool

Create Your Account

Everyone can create an OSF account for free! Because CWRU now has an institutional affiliation with OSF, you can sign up and log in with your institution at

When you click sign up, choose to sign up using Institution at the top, and select Case Western Reserve University from the drop down menu.

This will automatically redirect you to CWRU's single sign on page. When you input your credentials, an OSF account will automatically be created for you using your email address.

If you have an existing account already, you can merge it with this one by navigating to your account settings and following the instructions to add the email address of your other account to this one.

Connect an Existing Account

Many users may discover that they already have an OSF account that they made in the past, perhaps through gmail, CWRU, or with some other address. If you would like to connect your old OSF account to your CWRU institutional OSF account, it is as simple as adding the email addresses of old accounts to the account that you want to use.

You should note that merging accounts cannot be undone.

This is a great solution for anyone who has already created projects using an account with their CaseID. Because the Single Sign On system is connected to your account, that is the default email address that will be used whenever you sign into OSF with your institution.

Sign in with Institution

If you want your projects, research, or data to be affiliated with Case Western Reserve University, you must choose "Sign in through institution" when logging in. Old accounts, even if they have a will not be able to affiliate their projects with our institutional account unless they are merged with your account created by signing in with the institution.


The institutional landing page is visible at