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OSF - The Open Science Framework

A guide on CWRU's new open data and project management tool

Affiliate a Project with CWRU

When you sign up or sign in through the institutional sign in, your OSF account gains the ability to affiliate projects with CWRU. Any project you make can have institutional affiliation toggled on or off at your discretion. Affiliation with CWRU means that your project will have the CWRU logo attached to it and it will be discoverable on our institutional landing page at

To affiliate a project with CWRU, on the project's top-level page, simply click the "Affiliations" link under the title or navigate to Settings -> Project Affiliation / Branding. If you signed into your OSF account through the "Sign in through Institution" button, you should now have the option to select CWRU affiliation for that project.

Advantages of Affiliation

Increase your Visibility

Projects affiliated with CWRU will be immediately discoverable on our institutional landing page. Anyone searching for your keywords or browsing our collection will easily find your work and can explore your data through our institutional portal.

Build on the Success of Others

Present your research and data on a stage shared by other noteworthy scholars at CWRU. Projects that share tags can be filtered and explored thematically to create collections of related research agendas at Case Western.

Quick Access to Projects

Navigate between all types of projects from CWRU researchers in one convenient space, and connect your own projects to those of your peers.

Contribute to CWRU's Academic Impact

Help grow the academic presence of CWRU by affiliating your projects and building the collection of metadata associated with the work performed at our university.