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Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

Guide to everything and anything needed by chemical engineering students or related to chemical engineering research.

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Finding Chemical Prices

Current bulk chemical prices are very hard to locate. Many of the price lists are designed for industry access and not specifically academic usage. Below are some suggestions on approaches to get a chemical price or at least an "estimate" that you can document in your projects.

Students, please confirm with you faculty member on if they will provide you prices, if you can use an estimate, or if you can use older data as long as the source is documented.

Chemical Week

Available online through Nexis Uni database.

ICIS Chemical Business

Available online through Nexis Uni and Factiva databases.

Chemical Engineering Progress

Available in Factiva database.

Several databases may contain chemical or material prices.

You are searching for the name of the chemical in various articles, newspaper, and government resources. Search for the name of the chemical AND add in other terms that limit the results for you. You may try "price", "market", "commodity", or other related terms to narrow the results.

Several journals may contain chemical or industry profiles, including chemical prices.

Estimated Cost Data for Facilities & Construction

Chemical Engineering journal

Available online through Nexis Uni database.

ENR: Enginering News-Record

Available online through Nexis Uni database.

KSL has provided a series of books that offer price estimate data or methods of calculating price estimates for a variety of purposes, such construction, mechanical, electrical, etc.

R. S. Means provides man of these types of guides and can be viewed in the catalog. Author search for "R.S. Means Company" finds all of them.

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Other Chemical Pricing Resources

Some companies list their prices on their websites, so a Google search should be used to supplement your article search. To get better results with Google, Yahoo, or other search engines, put the name of the chemical in quotation marks (example: "hydrogen peroxide") and include terms related to pricing.

Example search strategies:

  • "hydrogen peroxide" bulk price
  • "hydrogen peroxide" commodity price

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