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Wikipedia Editing Project

Using the Sandbox

Once you have logged in, click on Sandbox as shown below:

Click on the pen icon to switch to the visual editor:

Utilize the visual editor to create an article draft in your sandbox. Start by adding a page title by selecting it from the Paragraph drop down menu:



Use that menu to select the different types of headings you want to use as you continue through your article.  Page title, Heading, Sub-heading, and Paragraph (normal text) are going to be the most commonly used in biographies.


Adding an Infobox

To add an info box along the right side of your article, you will want to add a template.  Do this by selecting Template from the Insert dropdown:

Then type in Infobox in the search bar, select the type you want, and click on Add Template:

You can then select what fields you want to include by clicking Add more information followed by Show more fields:

Select the fields you want, fill in the information, and then click Insert to add it to your article.  You can always click on it to edit it more later.

Note: Images need to be uploaded to Wikimedia before they can be used.  You can search through anything available by browsing through the insert media options and picking out a file name to include in that field, or uploading a photo of your own creation through the same menu.

Authority Control

If your article is about a person, it's a good idea to introduce authority control at the end of your article.  Essentially, this connects the article to unique digital identifiers that can help readers determine which person you are talking about if others have the same or similar names.

To add authority control, go to the insert menu and select Template.  Type in Authority Control and select that template.  Then choose from the options below:

LCCN and ORCID are especially recommended.  Look up the IDs on the LCCN or ORCID websites and insert those into the fields to link them to the article.