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Biomedical Engineering: Search Clinical Queries

General guide to resources for biomedical engineering.

Clinical Queries

Clinical Queries are prefabricated searches that can help you narrow your search to clinically relevant literature.

The results are filtered by three clinical research areas: Clinical Study Categories, Systematic Reviews, and Medical Genetics

  • Clinical Study Categories  offers five categories therapy, diagnosis, etiology, prognosis, and clinical prediction guides, that can be filtered by scope, broad or narrow.
  • Systematic Reviews - locate systematic reviews and similar articles.  It combines your search term(s) with citations identified as systematic reviews, meta-analyses, reviews of clinical trials, evidence-based medicine, consensus development conferences, and guidelines.

  • Medical Genetics - filters citations to topics in medical genetics. Results can be narrowed down applying additional filters: diagnosis, differential diagnosis, clinical description, management, genetic counseling, molecular genetics, genetic testing, or All(of the listed topics).