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Quicklist: Search

Search Strategies

  • Search by patent or application number
  • simple word searches
    • Best to search formal literature to learn keywords first
  • advanced searches, such as adding inventor, assignee, or other data
  • try synonyms
  • foreign spellings
  • consider context of terminology (what are words used by inventor in that specific field of study)
  • common spelling errors
  • abbreviations common to specific fields
  • classification codes

Classification Codes

Classification Codes example:

Potato Chips = 426/637
637 Potato
This subclass is indented under subclass 615. Subject matter involving material derived from
an edible tuber, i.e., white potato, sweet potato & yam.
615 Plant material is basic ingredient other than extract, starch or protein


Generally spherical object with floppy filaments to promote sure capture

US 4,756,529; July 12, 1988
An amusement device which has a substantially spherical configuration, & which is formed from a large plurality of floppy, elastomeric filaments that radiate in a dense, bushy manner from a central core region. The filaments are sufficiently floppy to collapse on impact, thus to absorb enough energy to avoid any tendency to bounce. They are also sufficiently dense & floppy that they tend to quickly thread their way between the fingers of a user on contact with the hand. These features promote sure & quick capture of the device during the act of catching.

European Patent Office (EPO)

United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO)

The USPTO Provides resources for the searching of patents and trademarks. It also offers various “how to” links and additional tutorials helpful in locating patents or determining if you have a patentable idea.

U.S. Patents - Additional Information

The Engineering & Science Library at the Queen's University (Kingston, Ontario) has put together a wonderful collection of tutorials and handsouts on patent searching. in the past, I received permission from the author's and handed them out in classes. As more and more training is done virtually, I will link to some of the recommended sources here. Thank you to these librarians!

Google Patent Search

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