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Dance Library Resources at Case

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Jacey Kepich

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Reminder: Online Access

  • Library resources require going through CWRU Single Sign-On.
  • The best method is to follow links from the library website.
  • When logged in and a browser window is not closed, access should continue from resource to resource.
  • Remember to close your browser when done.

Dance Library Resources at Case: Introduction

The resources for the research and study of dance exist in three places at Case:

  • The Kulas Music Collection, which occupies the first floor of the Kelvin Smith Library.
  • The print and online resources provided by the Kelvin Smith Library.
  • The collections of OhioLINK libraries, of which Case is a member library.‚Äč

Kulas Music Library and the Kelvin Smith Library provide onsite research help for the research and study of dance. Its collection are open to all members of the Case community. All materials held by the libraries are listed in Case's online library catalog.

The collections within Kulas and at Kelvin Smith Library mirror the curricula of the dance degree programs at Case and the research interests of the dance faculty. In broad terms these include: performance of contemporary dance, and history and biography of contemporary dance, and history of dance in the 19th century. Because of the historical performance practice program within the music department, and curricula and research into historical dance within the music department, there are also materials on the history and performance of dance in the 16th - 18th centuries.

Online resources related to dance include online journals and books, reference works on dance, indexes to the literature of dance, and streaming audio databases.

Revised and updated 6/3/21.

The collections of the member libraries of OhioLINK, searchable via the OhioLINK online catalog, greatly expand and enhance our local resources.

The Robinson Music Library at the Cleveland Institute of Music (CIM) is an additional resource available only to MFA students in dance and only to Case music majors. Other members of the Case community should rely on Kulas and OhioLINK. Case Western Reserve University and the Cleveland Institute of Music have a long established joint music program, and the Kulas Music Collection both supports the joint program in music as well as coordinates resources with the Robinson Music Library.

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