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Information Systems

Information Systems for An Information-Decision World

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Industry Data

Key Business Ratios

Backed by Dun & Bradstreet data, check the industry's upper/median/lower data points for your industry for Solvency, Efficiency, Profitability norms. Quick & Current ratios plus key financial data points give you a picture of performance with data. 

Search/create by Industry or Company, and compare data points, including custom created files. Excellent Help files online

IBISWorld – the Key Ratios Tab

One of 9 tabs with information, links, and data on industries, the Key Ratios tab [new in Fall 2016] offers industry ratios

First Research Industry Intelligence (US & Global)

Industry descriptions  by industry codes, and  "Industry Prospector" on top menu bar can define and rank industries by economic and financial metrics. Select one metric at a time. 

Industry Research

Use a variety of sources to create a complete picture of your company or industry. Industry news can be highly targeted with a lot of detail, or an overview of the industry with key facts & forecast figures. Use news sources to  add the currency that might be critical to your study of a company or industry.

Getting Started with Industry Research

What's the Market Value?

If your company is traded on a stock exchange, an equity report will discuss the company and the industry.

InvestorEdge – equity reports from Ford Equity, the Buy-Hold-Sell document that discusses the industry. Also available by company, annual reports, bond reports, EDGAR filings, financial summaries & historical pricings. Similar to ValueLine reports

Compare equity reports for a company's closest competitors in Mergent Online database:

  • Search & display a company
  • Select the Report tab
  • Select the Equity report sub-menu tab

The company InvestorEdge "Buy-Hold-Sell" report displays, and it generates a list of InvestorEdge reports for the closest competitor companies–get them all, in one database!

CWRU Libraries Discovery

PrivCo – Global Private Company Information & Venture Capital

Private company financial intelligence – business & financial data and analysis, plus IPO news & updates on venture capital, M&A activity, and private equity deals, company competitors & comparables. Since 90% of major U.S. business is privately held, PrivCo saves you time in class assignments and in your career planning, as well as in getting a closer look at industries with sectors, industry, sub-industry codes that lead to other competitors. 

PrivCo's financial analysis, venture capital funding, reviews, market research, and more can be the difference in the depth of your discovery and your final project results. Search names, deals, industry, geography, funding opportunities & stages–which might help you determine where to consider career opportunities!

NOTE: Create a personal account on PrivCo, using your Case network credentials.

Features: Check out PrivCo's Knowledge Bank to better understand the private investor environment, and their Research Blog for news!

Historical Annual Reports

Use historical annual reports to inform and/or frame the history of a field or company, and to gain information on changes & influences over time.

Historical Annual Reports from Mergent –  digitized industry manuals from 1909, 10K and glossy company annual reports from 1925,  Ford Equity Research Reportsfor the past 3 years. Coverage of companies and industries. 500K reports, U.S. and global coverage, 1925-  Check bottom of screen "pages" to see more than the screen display, for older reports. Coverage varies. 

ProQuest Historical Annual Reports –  strong industry coverage notes, 800 U.S. companies, many Fortune 500 companies,  some reports dating back to late 1800s. Coverage varies.