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Biomedical Engineering: Proceedings

General guide to resources for biomedical engineering.

Where to locate proceedings

Conference proceedings are the collection of academic papers published in the context of an academic conference. Proceedings are published by the organizing institution of the conference, or by an academic publisher. Proceedings may include full papers, extended abstracts, or only the abstracts.

Conference proceedings can be found by searching:

When interested in proceedings that are not available through these resources, use Interlibrary Loans services to request it.

How to search for proceedings

Locating conference proceedings can be frustrating due to variations in:

  • publication type (separate, one-time publications, series, or as special issues in journals)
  • publication title
  • publication date (may be different from the actual conference date)
  • sponsoring association's name

 There are different approaches to searching for specific proceedings:

  • search by conference title, ie. "advances in control and communication"
  • search by topic and proceeding, ie. ceramics AND proceedings
  • search by subject heading for topic of interest and congresses, ie. electric circuits congresses
  • search for unique keywords from the conference title in combination with the place of the conference and year, ie. nanobio science and san francisco and 2010