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Plainchant at CWRU

A bibliography of Gregorian Chant and related genres held by Case Western Reserve University libraries

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Liber Usualis

The Liber Usualis is the principal compendium of Gregorian chant. It contains the Ordinary of the Mass and the Office, and the Proper of time and of the Saints, including prayers and readings. The Kulas Music Collection includes various editions (listed below).

Gregorian Chant books for the Ordinary Form

Usually, when people say "Latin Mass", they mean the Tridentine / pre-Vatican II rite. However, the normative form of the Missal of Paul VI is Latin, and it is performed in that language on occasion. These resources will make that possible, or will facilitate adding Latin to the Ordinary Form Mass.

Monastic books




Pedagogical collections

Other chant books

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