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Plainchant at CWRU

A bibliography of Gregorian Chant and related genres held by Case Western Reserve University libraries

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Ambrosian Chant

Chant in English

Since the Reformation, attempts have been made to adapt plainchant to vernacular languages.  This has been problematic, because the word stresses and grammar vary so greatly between the languages. Current Catholic attempts to produce English chant generally involve writing new music in a simplified chant style, rather than fitting English words to Gregorian melodies. Examples of this are found in various commercial products, and provided through the Church Music Association of America. Listed below are the sources held by Kulas, which take the older approach. 

Mozarabic chant

Sarum chant

Technically, the Use of Salisbury (Sarum chant) is a Use, rather than a type of chant (it's Gregorian), but it's individual enough to be included here. These are the books you'd consult to restore pre-Reformation English Catholic music.

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