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Plainchant at CWRU

A bibliography of Gregorian Chant and related genres held by Case Western Reserve University libraries

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Jacey Kepich

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What's this about?

The purpose of this guide is to briefly describe plainchant resources held by CWRU and to provide an entry point into chant research.
It is partly oriented toward the needs of MUHI 301, but is not a course-specific resource.

This guide divides into the following areas:

Modern Gregorian. "Modern" in this case means after 1903, when the Vatican made the Solesmes editions the official chant text of the Church. This includes both pre- and post- Vatican II material, and books designed for specific monastic orders. 

Historical Gregorian. This includes original chant books, which generally bear the Medicean text (the purified/revised text called for by the Council of Trent, and the Church's previous standard, though a standard sometimes honored more in breach than in observance). It also includes facsimiles or editions of specific manuscript or printed chant books, and editions of the Office for specific saints.

Other chant styles. "Plainchant" (the monophonic liturgical music of the Catholic Christian tradition) is a broader term than "Gregorian chant".  Here you will find individual chant styles and uses, as well as chant in English.

Books about chant. A selective bibliography of textual resources about chant.

Updated May 25, 2021

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