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  • Library resources require going through CWRU Single Sign-On.
  • The best method is to follow links from the library website.
  • When logged in and a browser window is not closed, access should continue from resource to resource.
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About Special Collections

The Special Collections Research Center was specifically designed to provide a protective and controlled environment for those Kelvin Smith Library materials which require extraordinary care and handling and which do not circulate. The collection consists primarily of either printed books or original manuscripts and documents, but also includes photographs, periodicals, works of art and audio-visual recordings. The major collections are grouped in the following six broad categories:

There are many criteria used to determine which of the Kelvin Smith Libraries’ millions of items belong in Special Collections including; rarity, value, fragility, ephemeral nature, or because they are part of a distinctive subject or author collection. By acquiring, organizing, preserving, and providing access to the collection through reference services, finding aids, presentations, and exhibits the Special Collections Research Center fulfills its mission to support the teaching and research of Case Western Reserve University’s faculty and students and the local, national and international community of scholars and researchers.

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Gustave Doré

William Morris / Kelmscott Press

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The Hatch Reading Room


The Hatch Reading Room is the primary service point for special collections materials in Kelvin Smith Library. Service in the room is designed to support the Library's mission to be the knowledge and creativity commons of Case Western Reserve University. Everyone is welcome to visit Hatch Reading Room to use special collections materials for any purpose, view exhibits, or study quietly.

Special Collections Use

The Scholarly Resources and Special Collections team is committed to providing perpetual access to all materials held in the special collections of Kelvin Smith Library. Because many of these materials are rare and fragile, we ask our users to abide by several rules in order to help us preserve our collections.

  1. All researchers must provide the required information on this form, and present a photo ID. We will ask each researcher to update her or his information annually.
  2. Materials must be handled with care, according to the instructions given by Special Collections personnel.
  3. Users may not remove material from the reading room.
  4. Food and drink are prohibited.
  5. Pencils are the only writing utensils allowed.
  6. Bags, coats, and other personal items must be stored separately from our materials.
  7. Researchers may take photographs of materials for private use (without flash). Staff can provide researchers with other reproductions.

Research Services

During the posted Hours of Service for Hatch Reading Room, professional staff provide reference services to patrons. Services include answering questions about collections or specific materials, helping direct users to relevant research materials, and pulling special collections materials for users on demand, if those materials are available in the building.

Exhibit Viewing

Exhibits in Hatch Reading Room change regularly. Visitors are welcome and encouraged to view exhibits whenever the room is open. Visitors viewing exhibits are asked to keep noise levels down when researchers are using the room.

Quiet Study

Hatch Reading Room is a designated quiet study room. Library patrons may make use of the room for this purpose, but visitors who are using special collections materials will be given preference if seating becomes limited.

Hours of Service

Hatch Reading Room service hours vary by semester, and are posted on the Kelvin Smith Library website, and on a sign outside the reading room door. The room may at times be closed for instruction sessions or other meetings that require the use of the room.


Any questions about this policy may be directed to the Kelvin Smith Library Scholarly Resources and Special Collections team at or by phone at 216-368-0189.