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LaTeX, BibTeX, and Overleaf

This guide is a collection of resources about LaTeX and BibTeX.

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CWRU CSE LaTeX Thesis Template


Beginning Spring 2023, electronic theses and dissertations (ETD) submitted for graduation requirements should meet the School of Graduate Studies’ Minimum Digital Accessibility Standards (MDAS). Established based on CWRU guidelines and the new OhioLINK recommendations on digital accessibility, the MDAS are as follows:

  • PDF file includes full text
  • PDF accessibility permission flag is checked
  • Text language of the PDF is specified
  • Figures and images require alternative text
  • PDF includes a title and headings for major sections of the document

For more details see School of Graduate Studies website.

Currently, since it is very difficult to to produce an accessible document via LaTeX on the front end, documents written in LaTeX can be made accessible after conversion to PDF. Instructions on making PDF file accessible are available on the School of Graduate Studies website.

LaTeX and BibTeX

LaTeX (pronounced Lah-tech) is an open source markup language used for typesetting a large variety of documents types. The advantage over any other word processor is that it has good control over large documents and complex layouts documents, allows typesetting of complex mathematical formula, special fonts or characters, tables and figures, as well as typesetting of multi-lingual documents. LaTeX also facilitates automatic generation of bibliographies and indexes. For these reasons, LaTeX is preferred in science and engineering writing.

To run LaTeX on the personal computer, one have to install one of the TeX distribution packages. LaTeX can be used without installation using an online platforms like Overleaf that makes collaborative writing and publishing much quicker and easier. Other online platforms are Papeeria and LaTeX base.

BibTeX is the native format style for citations used in LaTeX. With BibTeX, each reference is typed once, and citations and reference list are created in a consistent output, in a style of your choice that is part of LaTeX.

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