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LaTeX and BibTeX

This guide is a collection of resources about LaTeX and BibTeX.

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Introduction to BibTeX

  • Save your bibliography as a .bib file in the same folder as your document. Make sure your filename ends in .bib.
  • To make changes to your bibliography, you can edit the .bib file directly or make changes within the reference manager of your choice (EndNote, Refworks, Mendeley, Zotero, JabRef, BibDesk, etc)

Citation styles available for BibTeX

LaTeX comes with several citation styles:

Other citation styles are also available:

Exporting citations to BibTeX

Many databases allow exporting citations to BibTeX.

Export from citation manager software

If you prefer to collect, organize, and manage your references in a citation manager, your software may be able to export citations to BibTeX.

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