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KSL Virtual Escape Room - Mystery in the English Countryside

Help solve the mystery of the long lost heir!

It's time for a vacation in the English Countryside

You are on your way to Bath, taking a well deserved vacation from your busy life in London. A family friend runs a quaint bed and breakfast out here in the country, and invited you to come stay with them.

Worst place for your car to breakdown

As you drive along, you can’t help but notice the glimpses of a castle off in the distance. 



As you drive through a large puddle of water, you hear the sound of something striking the underside of your car. Frustrated, you get out of the car and go to inspect the damage. You lean down and see a large tree branch wedge up underneath the car, and some sort of fluid dripping out.


You pull out your cell phone to call for assistance, but notice you have no signal. 


You look around, trying to locate any cars on the road, but you see nothing. The only sign of life is the castle, and that is the best bet of getting help.