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KSL Virtual Escape Room - Mystery in the English Countryside

Help solve the mystery of the long lost heir!

Entry to the Castle

As you approach the castle, you see lights on in the upper windows, and swear you see the shadow of a person looking at you. You pass under the main gate, making your way to the front door. You can’t help but notice the portcullis is half open, rust covering much of its surface.

You approach a large wooden door, braced with wrought iron, set into a thick stone wall. A large brass knocker hangs on the door. You knock on the door, the sounds echoing out around you.

A man in a black suit answers the door.

“Yes? May I help you?”

You explain the situation about your car and ask for assistance. He asks you to wait as they fetch the master of the house. 

The man approaches, extending a hand to shake. “I am Lord Bertram Frensby-Pembroke. I welcome you to my family’s castle.” Lord Frensby-Pembroke leads you to a room right of the Foyer, into a cozy looking study.

“You are welcome to use the phone here in the Study. Please feel free to make yourself at home while you wait and if you need anything please reach out to Wadsworth, my butler and he can help you."