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KSL Virtual Escape Room - Mystery in the English Countryside

Help solve the mystery of the long lost heir!

The Study and a Clue

Looking for pen to write the name and number of the tow truck company down and stumble upon a Letter from an attorney’s office. "How very sad," you think as you call the tow company.

It will take at least an hour and a half for a tow truck to arrive. You call your friend to let them know you will be late and at the Pembroke Castle.

Your friend explains that like a year prior, the former owner of the castle, a Lord Casper Pemboke, died and the title of succession came into contention due to a rumor of a long lost heir. However, Casper’s wife died a while back, and their only child, daughter Rosalind, passed a year before her father. With no confirmed direct heir, the lord’s 3rd cousin took up the title and the land.

Pondering this new information and the letter you saw you begin to wonder but you see an old newspaper sitting on a side table and become distracted.  An incomplete puzzle is sitting on top.


What are these Numbers?