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KSL Virtual Escape Room - Mystery in the English Countryside

Help solve the mystery of the long lost heir!

Where is this leading you?

You begin to hear a series of clicks after you finish the last word scramble and notice one of the bookshelves has moved, opening a passage that was not previously there. You step inside the secret passage. Pulling out your cell phone to give you some light, you follow the path. At the end of the path you see a small wooden panel, with a handle, you put away your phone and slowly pull on the handle to open the door. 

You have found yourself in the Gallery.

There are also many paintings, mostly depicting what you can only assume are previous members of the Pembroke family.

You notice something hidden haphazardly behind one of the pedestals. Upon investigation, you find an ornate lacquered puzzle box.

As you pick up the box, you can hear something rattling from within and realize you need to rearrange the squares to make a picture to open the box.


Puzzle: Sliding Blocks

Click on the picture below!

Besides a key what else is in the box?