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KSL Virtual Escape Room - Mystery in the English Countryside

Help solve the mystery of the long lost heir!

Wait. Am I locked in the library?

As you go through the books on the shelf you notice Pembroke's small collection of art work is from the American Federal Arts Project from the Work Progress Administration (WPA):


  • Black Oak in Gordon Park, 1935

  • Firemakers, 1935

  • The Kite Flyers, 1935

  • October Twilight, 1940

  • Port of Cleveland, 1935

  • Swingtime, 1937

  • Symphonic Conductor, 1936

  • Virility, 1935

Puzzle 2-Research Question: Who is the artist?

Which print was created by Stanislaus Arturo Osweiczynski?

Puzzle 3 - Word Scramble