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EPOM 407 Engineering Economics and Financial Analysis

Financial aspects for consideration in engineering projects

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Databases for Company Financials

Company databases do a good job of informing you about a company's history, products, goals, and organizational structure. The financial sections include annual income statements and balance sheets, market & industry activity, and sometimes data for business segments. All data is printable and exportable.

Industry data will be more generalized and often is important by segment. Industry reports are large in scope, but usually include some percentages for major companies and/or sub-industries in the sector, so you can get a broader perspective on an industry's activity.

Start with Intellect for the easiest, broadest look at a company, plus new quick visuals for competitors

LexisNexis has good financial tables & data, in segments on the company landing page. Open the left menu bar for options.

Mergent Online has a rich double-menu bar with annual & industry reports, filings, executive details and the deepest financials; primarily for larger companies (public and private).


Find all of these databases in the Business Folder of the larger Research Database List.

Intellect database


70 million US and 3.5 million private businesses, 6500 US public companies. Over 245 million global private businesses are included, in varying details. "Residential" search area also yields local businesses.

  • Search a company by typing slowly in the search box (Name or stock ticker symbol); select from the drop-down menu.
  • Results display in a double-menu–every item that is clicked open will reveal a new sub-menu  below.
  • After the opening page graphic you see numbers & codes that you'll need to do further industry research: SIC, NAICS, DUNs numbers. Recent annual sales are listed, as are # of employees, and location/phone information

Below is an example of choosing the top-menu item "Financials" and the new sub-menu that opens up beneath Financials:


LexisNexis database

Select the top right corner "Search by Subject" link. Near the bottom of the new window, select "Company Dossier"

  • Type the company name slowly–let auto-fill guide you. Select the correct name.

Select Financials from the left menu, for a 3-yr display of data, with option for "older" data = 5 years of financial information:

Income Statement

  • Cash Flow
  • Ratio Analysis
  • Operation Ratios
  • Earning Ratios

Balance Sheet – fiscal year end

Major Shareholders

Price-Earnings Ratio

Product lists also display, with business segment and includes discontinued product lines

SEC Filings

  • Executive compensation, insider trading forms, new ownership filings, and more

Other Reports has various profile listing information from Standard & Poor's, Corporate Affiliations, Morningstar, and others 

Mergent Online Database

Mergent Online

US and International company database with active and inactive companies. Private Company Database included.

Search Industry by codes, or stock exchanges (global)

Blue tabs include advanced list-making search functions, Executive listings, Government filings, Country Insights, Industry Analysis, and Economic Research data by Industry Category per custom date searches.

Each Company display has numerous blue tabs. Each one  that is selected reveals a sub-menu bar of gray hyperlinks for more categories. Look carefully through all of them! Example:

Company Details, the main tab, displays Key Financials (easy-to-scan Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flows) and a pricing  summary chart, and a 52 week range stock chart. It also has a sub-tab for Long Term Debt, Capital Stock, and Business Segments.

Select Company Financials, another blue tab, for a richly detailed lists of data, with multiple years for comparison. (Download or print.) Includes Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Retained Earnings, Cash Flow in Annual or Quarterly sums. Choose 3, 5, 7, 10, 15 years or quarters, in numerous currencies. Data is available as Standardized, Restated, As Reported, and more.

Ratios include Probability, Liquidity, Debt & Asset Management, and Per Share.

Analysis for Income Statement, Balance Sheet, & Ratios, 3 & 5 year Compound Annual Growth Rate

Select Reports tab for annual reports, filings. Items listed as "Annual Report" are often the "glossy annuals" for shareholders and offer insightful text about the company's mission and view of their market performance and goals.

NEW: Horizon tab

Horizon shows business sectors, sub-sectors, and a 'supply chain view' for the company. Suppliers, Partners, M&A reports, Competitors, customers, and more are listed. These reports can be exceptionally large (hundreds of pages) but are also exportable via Excel.

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