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EPOM 407 Engineering Economics and Financial Analysis

Financial aspects for consideration in engineering projects

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Data-Planet Database

Rich with data from many resources, Data-Planet lets you choose the granularity of your data points & create charts, graphs, maps, and/or trend lines. Export the data to work with on your own time, or let Data-Planet create the visual–and then link it to a DOI link for permanence.

The data and corresponding "source" & text explanations can be critical to your project–for the data & geographic sources, timeline data views, related information, and more. 

Example, Subject Housing & Construction folder expands to primary sub-folders of:

Building Permits, Census-Housing, Construction Spending, Dept. of Housing & Urban Development, Freddie Mac (rates, margins, mortgage rates/points),  Housing Completions, Housing Price Index, Housing Starts/Vacancies, New Home Sales/Prices...and more.

Each of those folders expands to more details: Construction Spending reveals Seasonal and Non-Seasonally Adjusted Spending.


Use left sidebar sections to choose a topic, or "Browse" the Subject and/or Source folders to select :

  • Key Economic Indicators
  • Subject Folder/browse vital statistics, U.S. & international government agencies, stocks/commodities, more...
  • Source Folder/browse extensive departments and global resources: World Bank, OECD, Freddie Mac, UN, international stock exchanges, numerous U.S. government departments, more...
  • New feature: Overlays with the CTRL key allow you to create a dataset & then overlay it with Democrat and Republican political parties (President, House, Senate) or Recession data-points.
  • Create a chart with a DOI (digital object identifier) for a permanent chart that can be shared

Data-Planet also has a Ready Reference version for quick keyword searching that leads you into the full database.  Get quick answers by selecting from options and then viewing data or maps, or connecting directly to Data-Planet Statistical Datasets for full features.

Find Data-Planet from the Business folder on the Case Research Database List.

Statista - Quick Data Points, Fast Charts & Related Resources

A sample chart for U.S. Construction industry – New York Leads U.S. Construction Comeback

Infographic: New York Leads U.S. Construction Comeback | Statista

This chart's Related Sources links will expand your statistical view with reports on  United States, New York, Construction Business, Economic Turndown, Construction Industry, Economic Crisis, and more.

Charts are exportable in a variety of formats to suit your use, including the raw data if you'd like to customize your own charts.

Find Statista in the Business Folder of the [larger] Research Database list.

Government Agencies – Data + Informative Text

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