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EPOM 407 Engineering Economics and Financial Analysis

Financial aspects for consideration in engineering projects

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The 360-degree View

Company and also Industry research must be done for a project because they inform and complement each other. If you only have depth of knowledge in one area, you might miss important news or forecasts from the other area. A full-view picture is important for success, for securing financing, for planning and completion.

If you know a lot about your company, you need to know something about the industry of the company. It will show forecasts, warnings, barriers, successes, global projections, data and analysis on a broad scale.

Likewise, if you know a lot about your industry, you need to know something about the companies that are active in the market. Industry reports will also mention–in varying detail–the key companies in an industry and how those companies are successful or not.

When you are informed about the company and the industry, you have a full view of what might be happening (or has happened ) that can inform your project.

IBISWorld – Start Here

IBISWorld reports will focus on U.S. industries & markets and often includes shorter reports called Business Environment reports that complement the longer industry reports. Industry analysis is broad vs narrow/specific, and can help you see a quick view of  market drivers, forecasts and employment,  key companies, the competitive landscape, operating conditions, industry performance, key statistics, and more.


  • Search either by key concept word or by NAICS industry code numbers (found on company database pages)
  • Reports have 9 tabs–each tab can have up to 6 drop-down sub-tabs
  • Easy printing for any tab-segment, or report–use the small Print icon in any report for a clean print
  • Industry-At-A-Glance tab provides the best 1 1/2 page report for key data points, long forecasts & information
  • "Search within" feature in a report lets you search a company name, or the words "global" or "international" 

Heavy Engineering Construction in the US NAICS 23799


Gartner – Technology-focused industry analysis

Gartner  (Case only, reports must not be shared or used outside of the academic class assignment)

Technological aspect analysis for 9 industries:

Banking & Investments, Education, Healthcare Providers, Energy, Government & public sector, Insurance, Manufacturing,
Media, Retail

Reports can be Hype Cycles, Magic Quadrants, forecasting, and more, to show the relative curve of acceptance and adoption in an industry, balancing hype as technology matures so you can move towards new opportunities, and to see how the key companies in a field are positioned and performing in your market. Gartner's  reports and visuals help you understand how to use technology and to adapt to or meet new challenges.


Case does not have 100% to the Gartner database and analyst reports. When reports or sections of text are not available to you, a notice is clearly indicated that we do not have access to it.

The license is for academic use only and reports are not to be shared outside of the university. You can read them and summarize or explain the information, and cite the Gartner report, but may not share the report itself.

First Research Industry Intelligence

Search by NAICS (preferred) or SIC industry code numbers (found on company database pages). Always choose the top/smallest number code, to see all the variances. Sometimes you will need to look at the larger view (smaller code #) and then a more specific field within that number range. Example: NAICS 237 is Commercial/Heavy Construction.

Select "Full Profile" view for the best experience. (Link in upper right of the report page) Segments of the report are on the left side and can be printed independently:

  • Industry Overview
  • Quarterly Industry Update
  • Industry Forecast
  • Critical Issues
  • Business Trendss
  • Industry Opportunities
  • Executive Insight
  •  Financial Information

Related Industries are included

Database Features:

Main page Tools & Resources for training/toolkit, self-paced videos on how to use the database. 

Main page upper banner has North American Regional Information & data

Canadian and State Profiles:

Big Picture (state job growth, unemployment, personal income, exports, tax revenue), Recent News, Local Real Estate datapoints, Employment Job Growth by industries, Unemployment & Job Growth rates by cities.

Industry Prospector:

Select/rank industries against metrics for financial, industry drivers, forecasted  growth, international trade growth and more. Select from left drop-down menu for a category (e.g., Industry Drivers: Technical Innovation) that results in list of smaller industry channels

International Industry Profiles (New) and news for Countries or Regions

Africa, Asia Pacific, Eastern Europe, Middle East, The Americas, Western Europe

BCC Research

20 Categories offer significant & complex analyst reports on industries. The Category list includes Engineering, Environment, Manufacturing, and other industries in which you might be working.  Start your search at the top search box, with the broadest concept term for your industry. The result list will show a title, a line or two of text, and then a line of Code #, date, Category + a bold text term. That last bold text is what you should browse first–when you see a relevant Category word (or several categories), that's where you primary reading should start. Use the left side "Refine" tool & select that Category.

In the example below, 3# on a search result list, the Categories were Advanced Materials, Information Technology, Engineering and more. If Engineering is the best match, Refine from the Category option on the left side. You can reduce/refine a big search of 600 results to 24 by browsing the list for the bolded Category words, and then refining the list.

3. ...

This report covers several types of hydraulic cylinders used globally in various types of equipment. The market is broken down by major types of equipment, including their function, specification and design. ...

Chapter/Topic Title: KYB CO. LTD. 
....the decline in application industries, such as construction, material handling, mining, container shipping, aerospace and defense, and others, of which hydraulic cylinders are integral part. To assess the market, hydraulic cylinders are broadly...
read more »

Code - ENG003A, Published - March 2014, Analyst - Aneesh Kumar, Category - Engineering



BCC reports are licensed for Case academic use only. You may include charts, explain analysis in your terms, and share some figures outside of Case and your class, but the reports themselves are not to be shared outside of the university.

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