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CWRU Open Access Agreements and Other Funding

CWRU authors are able to publish open access at no cost in select journals through agreements with several publishers. This guide provides details on each agreement for CWRU authors as well as alternative no cost options and funding possibilities..

Looking to publish an article as open access (OA)? Below are opportunities that provide funding to support those efforts:

To make sure you do not miss out on these opportunities, please identify your affiliation as Case Western Reserve University during the article submission phase. Using your email address serves as a secondary criterion to ensure the publisher's automation offers the OA funding opportunity to you. Using an affiliated email account (such as a hospital) or a free email account (such as Gmail) may cause the funding opportunity to be missed or slow down the approvals.

Note on OA Fund

Please note that CWRU does not have an open access fund to cover the cost of article processing charges (APCs) for journal articles or book processing charges (BPCs) or to cover the cost of authoring tools.

OA Funding Models

Libraries, researchers, publishers, funders, and others involved in open access publishing have been exploring different ways to fund scholarly publishing that allows content to be free to read while not charging author's OA publishing fees.

Here is a overview of some of those funding models:

  • Read and Publish Agreements: a model that combines library journal subscriptions and OA publishing costs. Libraries continue to subscribe to journal content and also cover the costs of OA publishing for their institution's authors. Many of the agreements listed here including with Wiley, Cambridge, Elsevier, and Springer Nature fall into this category. Also known as Transformational or Transitional Agreements.
  • Subscribe to Open (S2O): a model to convert closed (paywalled) journals to OA journals through subscriptions. Each year if enough libraries subscribe to a specific journal, the journal will publish all articles OA at no cost to authors regardless if the author's institution was one of the subscribers. If there are not enough subscriptions for that year, the journal will not publish articles OA, and all articles will be paywalled for that year. The Annual Reviews Agreement listed on this guide is one example of this model.
  • Diamond OA Journals: only publish OA articles but do not charge authors an Article Processing Charge or APC. Often these journals have outside funding or are supported by universities that pay staff salary and platform costs. At CWRU, we have several Diamond OA Journals including: Pathogens & ImmunityEngaged Management ReviewJournal for Women and Gender Centers in Higher Education, and Discussions, among others. Find more Diamond Journals.