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Open Access Agreements and Funding

CWRU authors are able to publish open access at no cost in select journals through agreements with several publishers. This guide provides details on each agreement for CWRU authors.

Agreement Details

In addition to OhioLINK member institutions' current access to Springer journal titles through the Electronic Journal Center (EJC), OhioLINK has negotiated an upgraded agreement that offers access to over 700 additional electronic journals from Springer Nature along with open access publishing benefits.

Starting in January 2024, authors at most OhioLINK member institutions will have the ability to publish open access (OA) journal articles in eligible hybrid journals published by Springer Nature (including many Springer, Palgrave, Adis, and academic journals at at no additional cost to either the author or the institution.  Nature portfolio journals such as Nature itself and Scientific American are not included.  Fully open-access journals are not included.

With this agreement, there is a maximum number of articles that may be published open access across all OhioLINK institutions. Once the limit is reached, the option to publish articles open access at no cost under the agreement will no longer be available. Authors may choose to publish behind the subscription paywall or to pay the APC for open access on their own. 

  • January 1, 2024 until December 31, 2026
  • Only hybrid journal titles are eligible for OA publishing
  • Adds read access to 700 journal titles, including Palgrave, Adis, and Nature Academic Journals, but not Nature portfolio journals such as Nature or Scientific American
  • Statewide publication limit, first-come-first-serve processing