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CWRU Open Access Agreements and Other Funding

CWRU authors are able to publish open access at no cost in select journals through agreements with several publishers. This guide provides details on each agreement for CWRU authors as well as alternative no cost options and funding possibilities..

Agreement Details

OhioLINK has negotiated an upgraded agreement that offers open-access publishing benefits. Starting in January 2024 and continuing through the end of 2027, authors at participating OhioLINK member institutions now have the ability to publish open access (OA) journal articles in most of Elsevier’s hybrid journals at no additional cost to either the author or the institution. Some journals are excluded from open-access publishing benefits, such as Cell Press and Lancet journals.

  • January 2024 to December 31, 2027
  • Only hybrid OA publishing in OhioLINK’s current package, except Cell Press and Lancet titles
  • Statewide publication limit, first-come-first-serve processing

Support for Authors

Author queries: