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Need to digitize an image or document? Learn which scanner is best for you and how to use it.

Before you get started...

  • The bookedge scanners are best used for bound books where you're attempting to get an image of a flat page. If this does not describe your situation, please contact a Freedman Center Student Assistant for further assistance.

Setting up the scan

  • Create a folder in the D: Drive Storage folder to store your files in.

  • If the scanner is not on, turn it on using the switch on the bottom right hand side.
  • Open the program Adobe Acrobat DC  from the Adobe icon on the desktop. Make sure the scanner is on or the software will not recognize the scanner!

Running the scan

  • Now that you have opened Adobe Acrobat DC, navigate from the top toolbar to File ► Create ► PDF From Scanner.
  • First, chose Plustek Optibook A300 as the scanner.


  • Click the gear icon to get more settings, and input the following settings:
    • Scanner: Plustek Optibook A300
    • Sides: Front Sides
    • Color Mode: Color (or grayscale depending on what you need)
    • Resolution: 300 DPI
    • Paper Size: Automatic

Cropping Pages and Saving Files

  • Now that you have your scanned pages, you'll want to crop them. Shown below is one way to do so.
    • Go to the right hand side of Adobe Acrobat and click on Edit PDF.
    • Wait for Acrobat to run OCR on your pages and optimize them.
    • Near the top, click on the Crop pages icon. You will now be in crop mode.
    • Starting at one of the corners of your scan, click and drag the cursor to the opposite corner, forming a box around the image you want to save. This box will be a light blue color.
    • Hit the Enter key on the keyboard. Then make sure your selection looks okay in the popup window. Click Ok to crop the image.
  • All of these steps are shown in the .gif below:

Saving your File

  • You can now save your PDF to your folder on the D: Drive Storage folder!