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Need to digitize an image or document? Learn which scanner is best for you and how to use it.

Getting Started

  • Create a folder in the D: Drive Storage on the station you are working at, and label it with your network ID.

  • Turn on the Epson Expression 10000/11000 XL Scanner with the power button on the front left of the machine.

Setting up the scanner

  • Open the scanners folder located on the desktop and select the Epson Scanning Software.
  • Make sure to select the Epson 10000XL Scanner in the second window as prompted.

  • Remove the white insert according to the directions on the inside cover of the scanner, reproduced below:

  • First, pull up on the white tab to release the bottom of the white "scanner back."

  • Once the bottom is released, pull the "scanner back" downward to release the top. Set this aside.

  • Check out the transparency guide from the Service Center.
  • Affix the transparency guide to the scanner by lining up the two pegs.

  • Place transparencies into holder before placing holder in scanner bed, aligned with the transparency guide.If scanning a large transparency, such as an x-ray, no holder is necessary.
    • NOTE: If scanning an x-ray, this scanner is not calibrated for diagnostic purposes!
  • There should be a space between the left side of the glass and your media. The scanner uses this space to calibrate the light.

Settings for the scan

  • Select the proper settings for your image scan and preview:
    • a. Document Type: Film.
    • b. Film Type: Positive or Negative Film.
      • Negative is the more common film. Film is positive if when you hold it up to light, the image looks exactly as should (all colors included).
    • c. Image type: 24 bit Color or 8 bit Gray scale.
    • d. Resolution: 600 dpi.
    • e. Press the preview button​.

Previewing & Scanning

  • In the preview window, use the cursor to draw a box around the desired area to be scanned. A box of “marching ants” should appear. This box can be adjusted as needed. Only the image within this box will be scanned.
  • Note: The fine tune cropping of your image will take place later in post processing.

  • Click the Scan button to scan the document.

  • Clicking scan brings up the saving options prompt. In this prompt, select the type of image file you would like, the name of the file, as well as where you would like to save the file. Once ready, click OK to scan the file. We ask that all files are saved to your user folder on the D: drive.