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Sustainable Design


Sustainable product design is the approach to creating products and services that have considered the economic, environmental, and social/ethical issues from the initial phase of design through to the end of life for the product.

Approaching design with sustainability in mind is not only the ethical way of creating products or services but it is also a smart business decision as more consumers prefer supporting sustainable products and companies.


Tischener, U. & Charter, M. (2001). Sustainable product design. In M. Charter & U. Tischner (Eds.), Sustainable Solutions : Developing Products and Services for the Future. Sheffield, U.K. : Greenleaf Pub., 2001. Available at


Sustainable design principles include (U.S. General Services Administration):

  • optimize site potential;
  • minimize non-renewable energy consumption;
  • use environmentally preferable products;
  • protect and conserve water;
  • enhance indoor environmental quality; and
  • optimize operational and maintenance practices.

An important tool in sustainable product design is the life cycle assessment because it assesses the environmental impacts of each stage of a product's life.

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