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International Students Library Handbook

Welcome to the Library–here are useful tips, information, answers to help you get started with your research!

Get Online Help

Reminder: Online Access

  • Library resources require going through CWRU Single Sign-On.
  • The best method is to follow links from the library website.
  • When logged in and a browser window is not closed, access should continue from resource to resource.
  • Remember to close your browser when done.

Overdue Fees & Fines

Research materials can be borrowed for free & remain free if they are returned on time. There are automatic daily overdue fees  for late items. Avoid fees: check your online library account & renew online on time, before items become overdue.

Courtesy email notices are automatically sent to your Case email. Forward your Case email, if you are using another email address or provider. At this point, fines can be paid in-person or by mail with cash, Case Cash, or personal checks. Patrons cannot make an online payment.



Case books: Overdue $0.25/day/item. Replacement $110 per item.

OhioLINK books: Overdue  $0.50/day/item. Overdue & billed fees are $50 when the item is returned. When an item is lost, replacement fee is $125 per item. OhioLINK consortium fees are non-negotiable. Return items when they are due or can't be renewed again, and order a new copy from another institution.

Case VHS, DVD: Overdue $per hour. $5/day/item. 

OhioLINK VHS, DVD: $1/day/item.

Everyone at Case is responsible for late/lost materials. The courtesy email notices have links to renew online. If you have a special circumstance, please reply via email ( or contact KSL immediately (216 3683506).

Borrowing Privileges and Your Library Account

Use your Case photo ID card to borrow books at our campus libraries.

The things you check out will be on your Case library account, where you can renew them. On the right side of the online Case Catalog, look for the link to "My Library Account" and logon with your Case network ID/password.

When you see your  library account online, it shows the items you have borrowed, when they are due, and allows you to renew them. It will also show the items that you have requested from OhioLINK, and whether or not they are in transit or returned. When you use the Request link to order OhioLINK items, please remember that it can take about 4-5 weekdays for delivery to campus.

Note: The login screen has two places on it, because affiliates and guests do not have Case network ID/passwords. Use the LEFT side of the login screen for Case students and employees.  

How Long Can You Borrow It?


Most Case library books and OhioLINK books can be borrowed for 3 weeks. Most Case books can be renewed up to 4 times; OhioLINK books can be renewed up to 6 times. Renew online in your library account and watch for the screen to display "RENEWED" with the new due date. Sometimes a renewal will not be allowed & the book must be returned.

If an OhioLINK book can't be renewed, look on the OhioLINK Catalog and order another copy, and return the first copy.

DVDs, VHS tapes, various media:

Most media can be borrowed for 7 days. No renewals are allowed, so only borrow what you can view in a week's time. DVDs borrowed from SearchOhio are renewable.

Journals, magazines:

Case libraries' journals & magazines must remain in the libraries and you can photocopy/scan what you need. OhioLINK has some older, bound journals that can be requested on OhioLINK and borrowed for 10 days.

Equipments (cameras, tripods, projectors, adaptors, headphones, iPads and others):

We have a display with many of these devices right by the Service Desk so you can see the device before checking it out. These devices have a variety of loan privileges. Staff members will answer your inquiries about borrowing privileges.

Contact KSL quickly, if you think you have misplaced an item & it is due.  We're happy to adjust your account to give you more time to find the item. We're available by phone (216 3683506), email at, or at the Service Center desk.

Renew Borrowed Materials

Renew, Renew, Renew, Renew!

You are responsible for all of the items that you borrow, including renewing them if you need them longer, and returning them when they are due. Most books can be renewed up to 4 times, but occasionally, a renewal is not allowed when another patron needs the item. If that happens, return it and order a new copy through OhioLINK, or talk to library staff about how to get another copy. 

  1. Logon to the Case Catalog and select My Library Account.
  2. Click the "Sort by Due Date" icon.
  3. Check the items that are coming due and click on "Renew Selected."
  4. Make sure the renewal is completed & displays on screen, before logging off.


Recalled Materials

KSL only "recalls" materials that have been borrowed if a faculty member needs it to put on Course Reserves for a class. If you've borrowed an item and receive a recall notice, the item must be returned immediately.

Library staff will help you get another copy from OhioLINK or through ILLiad services, if possible.

How to Find & Borrow Things You Need

You're welcome to go directly to the shelves in the library and look through the collections. KSL has 4 floors and 900 chairs so it's easy to find a comfortable place to read journals, magazines, and newspapers that need to stay in the library, or to photocopy/scan what you need to use.

You can search & find titles on the Case Catalog, or staff at the Main Desk can help you find materials. There are maps in the shelving areas to help you know where to find things, and we also have online floor maps. We're happy to answer any questions & help you find what you need!

Borrow books & take them out of the library – it's easy!

  • Most books are on the 3rd floor & are arranged by a numbering system (LC call numbers) of alphabet letters and numbers. Oversized books on on the 1st floor.
  • When you find the books you need, bring them to the Main Service Desk on the first floor.
  • Give your Case photo ID card to library staff and they will scan the books and put them on your library account.
  • After library staff scans your Case ID card the 1st time, you can use the SelfCheckOut computer at the Main Service Desk. Check out KSL books yourself without standing in line, or at night during 24x7!

These collections must remain in the library:

  • Magazines: 1st floor
  • Journals: A-M on the 1st floor; N-Z on the Lower Level (Lower Level is a closed area. Please ask a library staff to retrieve any journals located in that area.)
  • Current journals (single issues, not yet bound in hard covers): shelved with the bound volumes.
  • Newspapers: 1st floor

KSL has a large collection of DVDs & VHS tapes that you can borrow. They have special numbers & are not on the open shelves:

  • Find the titles & their numbers on the Case Catalog or on the Video/DVD Search QuickList.
  • Give the VHS or DVD numbers to the library staff at the Main Service Desk. They will get them for you.

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