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International Students Library Handbook: Translation Tools

Welcome to the Library–here are useful tips, information, answers to help you get started with your research!


Reminder: Online Access

  • Library resources require going through CWRU Single Sign-On.
  • The best method is to follow links from the library website.
  • When logged in and a browser window is not closed, access should continue from resource to resource.
  • Remember to close your browser when done.
  • More information see this guide.

Quick Translation Tools

An automated translation is meant to enhance your understanding of the original document,  though the quality generally can not match that of a professional translator.

Microsoft Word: On the Review tab, in the Language group, click Translate > Translate Selected Text to open the Research pane.

In the Research pane, in the All Reference Books list, click Translation.

Google Translate:

FreeTranslation attempts to translate entire phrases, rather than doing word-for-word translation. It's very fast as well.

Babelfish is a free, computerized translation tool.

WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) PatentScope Translate is a tool trained specifically to translate patent texts. You can enter your own text and choose a language pair (such as English->French) and a technical domain (such as" chemical & materials technology").

Translation Within Library Resources


Databases published by EBSCO have a translation function when the article is in HTML format.

When you're searching in Academic Search Complete or Business Source Complete (or any of the other 36+ EBSCO databases):

  • Look for HTML in the document results.
  • Click on the HTML version
  • Near the top of the new page that displays, choose a language and click "Translate."

The translation is done by software, and may not be 100% accurate, but it is a helpful feature.

Add Languages on Your Computer

In Control Panel, click "Clock, Language, and Region," and then click "Add a language." Under "Add a language," choose a language from the list and click "Add."