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Organizational Behavior

Resources for leadership, teams, and the social aspects of management

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Reminder: Online Access

  • Library resources require going through CWRU Single Sign-On.
  • The best method is to follow links from the library website.
  • When logged in and a browser window is not closed, access should continue from resource to resource.
  • Remember to close your browser when done.

Statista – Data + Graphics

Statista – quick statistics, dossiers, studies; search creates fast graphs & you can export the data to create your own spreadsheets. Search Tablet Market US or worldwide, Consumer Survey: reasons for purchasing a tablet 2012, Global PC Revenue Forecast, more.

Top menu bar offers multi-faceted reports:

  • Topics feature popular specific topics, plus Media, Business, Society  
  • Industries display  Reports, Forecasts, Dossiers
  • Digital Markets new & expanding, provides new format of reports with text, data, graphics on electronic media, advertising, commerce, medical, FinTech, health, travel, services, and features like connected car
  • New Consumer Markets  new & expanding, provides new format of reports  for food, drink, products for  personal use

Use Keyword search

  • Display list of options
  • Select from formats like Statistics, Forecasts, Market Analytics, Studies, Dossiers, Topics, Infographics
  • Filter for similar topics, better search terms
  • Select a link and get multiple download options, citation style options, source lists, various related reports

Data-Planet Statistical DatasetsDatabase

Rich with data from many resources, Data-Planet lets you choose the granularity of your data points & create charts, graphs, maps, and/or trend lines. Export the data to work with on your own time, or let Data-Planet create the visual–and then link it to a DOI link for permanence.

Use the left sidebar sections to choose a topic, or open the Source folders to select :

  • Key Economic Indicators
  • Subject Folder/browse vital statistics, U.S. & international government agencies, stocks/commodities,more...
  • Source Folder/browse extensive departments and global resources: World Bank, OECD, Freddie Mac, UN, international stock exchanges, numerous U.S. government departments, more...
  • New feature: Overlays with the CTRL key allow you to create a dataset & then overlay it with Democrat and Republican political parties (President, House, Senate) or Recession datapoints.

TIP: Get A Quick-Start into Data-Planet!

When you're new to Data-Planet or aren't sure where to start, the  Data-Planet Ready Reference version on the Research Database list allows you to get quick answers by  a keyword or phrase search.

  • Refine from the left column
  • Make a selection by clicking through an item display
  • You'll be taken directly into the  best place in the complete Data-Planet database, with map, download, and other options pre-populated for your selection, e.g., Education/Gender Statistics yields options for Education with sports, heads of universities, coaching, enrollment, etc., all by gender data sets.

Passport Database

International in scope, Passport brings you both text analyst reports plus data points in time series. Create a personal workspace in "My Profile" to save reports and research. 

Dashboards give a quick, visual look at a topic, where you can change the world map to what you need, and refine a category to a specific age group. Explore wellness initiatives in a country & select the details you need and the amount of data to use.

Each Category has analyst commentary, "Did You Know?" articles, white papers, podcasts, interviews, and wealth of information on consumers in today's world. 

Choose a topic area fromt the  top banner on the screen, and that topic's landing page will have text analysis, videos, interviews, and specialized reports to read,along with a column for Latest Research.

Take time to carefully look at all materials on the screen–choose statistics to download, research to read, and store it in your account for later use.


You can also search in a highly structured manner, expanding a search tree & selecting smaller segments.

Note: Passport requires a SingleSignOn link and it is to be used for Case research, and not shared outside of Case.

CWRU Libraries Discovery


Mintel database specializes in market research oriented to consumer behavior. Topics can be helpful in understanding behaviors in organizations, such as when wellness programs are undertaken by companies. Successful launches of such programs depend on deeper understanding of how individuals react, and Mintel database combines survey information, data, and text analysis to support research.

  • Use the Category Overview to select a research area like green topics, wellness, ecommerce, or Demographics for age-related or economic sectors of the population.
  • Or, use the My Reports section and choose from timely topics on Technology & Media, Lifestyles, Well Being, for extensive analyst reports. Mark sections to save in your account, and select export to Excel features to work with the data as you need to.
  • Mintel is licensed for Case academic projects only, and may not be shared outside of Case. An additional login is required, and you'll need to create a   personal account / workspace to save documents for compiling & printing.


NEO CANDO Database