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Collections @ Kelvin Smith Library

Guide provides an overview of new collections and resources acquired and/or subscribed to by the Kelvin Smith Library (KSL). It provide information on collection policies and initiatives.

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Reminder: Online Access

  • Library resources require going through CWRU Single Sign-On.
  • The best method is to follow links from the library website.
  • When logged in and a browser window is not closed, access should continue from resource to resource.
  • Remember to close your browser when done.


Constellate helps users across all disciplines learn essential text analysis and data skills.

Constellate, a part of ITHAKA's portfolio of non-profit services, is the only text analysis platform that integrates access to scholarly content and open educational resources into a cloud-based lab to help faculty more easily and effectively teach text analysis and data skills.

With Constellate, learners across all disciplines can apply text analysis methods to datasets, and hone their skills with support from on-demand tutorials, live classes taught by experts, and engagement with an inspiring user community.

Drawing from its peer services, Constellate connects researchers with the JSTOR corpus and content from 100+ publishers preserving with Portico, providing 421 years of primary and secondary sources across all fields of study, including 31M+ documents, 2M+ historic newspaper issues, and 27M+ scholarly journal articles — independent of your library’s holdings.

Library and faculty can:

  • Draw from ready-to-use curriculum and robust on-demand tutorials
  • Prepare with live, expert-led classes, including a Teaching Text
    Analysis with Constellate course (free to all members of participating
  • Connect with an inspiring and supportive community of users
  • Consult with Constellate experts on research questions and
    curriculum customization
  • Create, save, and share your lessons
  • Teach in the preconfigured, cloud-based Constellate Lab

Students can:

  • Supplement faculty-led learning with Constellate-taught classes and on-demand tutorials
  • Build confidence through hands-on practice in a cloud-based lab
  • Seamlessly navigate between content, dataset building, lessons, and research
  • Easily build clean datasets with content from JSTOR, Portico, and partners
  • Instantly visualize search results to help refine ideas and form research questions

Encyclopedia of Jewish Book Cultures Online

Being an encyclopedia on book cultures rather than book contents, this work places textuality and materiality of the book in the center of its investigation. The singularity of the Jewish book can only be understood in full if it is studied in its broader cultural and intercultural context. This encyclopedia does that by focusing on the paleographic features, intended function, cultural significance, readership, acceptance, and design of particular books and genres, as well as the producer-consumer relations involved in the making and circulating of books. It covers more than 2000 years of Jewish book cultures from all corners of the earth.

IBISWorld: U.S. Specialized Industry Reports

IBISWorld's collection of Industry Reports uses standardized industry coding systems developed at the government level. Using reputable public and non-public sources, along with proprietary data forecasting models and data manipulation methods, we compile 30 to 40 pages of valuable industry facts, charts, and analyses. 

IBISWorld has developed Specialized Industry Reports for industries that fall outside of standard coding systems. Specialized Industry Reports cover the same comprehensive data and analysis as Industry Reports for niche and emerging industries.

Morningstar Institutional Equity Research (MIERS)

Morningstar is a leading provider of independent investment research and data. Morningstar Institutional Equity Research (MIERS) is home to 100+ Equity Research Analysts who cover 1500+ public companies globally. MIERS is comprised of the following capabilities: 

  • Institutional Equity Research (Public) is available via various channels
  • Access to Public Equity Research Analyst via email, call, and roadshows.

 MIERS is comprised of 100+ Equity Research Analysts with a coverage universe of 1500+ stocks. MIERS report types are comprised of thematic research which covers sector, industry, ESG & market-level insights, and company-level research which covers business strategy, fair value and profit drivers, economic moat, and more proprietary Morningstar data.

National Theatre Collection 3

This third National Theatre collection has launched with 10 performances, from Greek tragedy, a medieval morality play, and Shakespeare, to plays about Generation Z. The collection will complete with a further 10 performances in February 2024.

Open Access (OA) Publishing Opportunities at CWRU

Please see this related guide that documents and promotes the OA publishing opportunities available to faculty, staff, and students.

New additions in 2024:

  • Elsevier: hybrid only
  • Punctum Books
  • Springer Nature: hybrid only - including Palgrave, Adis, and Nature Academic Journals, but not Nature portfolio journals such as Nature or Scientific American
  • Wiley expansion: full OA

ProQuest Primary Source Collections

Various primary source collections have been added, or existing collections expanded.

Punctum Books: Supporting Library Membership

White letter p on a black circle followed by punctum books

The Kelvin Smith Library (KSL) is a Supporting Library Member (2024-26). KSL gains insights into operations, abilities to provide feedback, support of library-required operations (statistics, catalog records), supports continuous improvements in accessibility, and discounts on print purchases.

In addition, the libraries provided financial support to Punctum Books subsidies:

  • the publication of high-quality OA books in the Humanities, Social Sciences, Fine Arts, and Architecture & Design, with no publication fees ever imposed upon authors;
  • commitment and adherence to the “best practices” (as guided by librarians and the standards of academic communities) for editorial evaluation and oversight, interoperable metadata, cataloguing, indexing, dissemination, discovery, aggregation, and preservation; and
  • the development and sustainable maintenance, in collaboration with other presses and research organizations, of open-source and community-owned infrastructure for OA books in the Humanities and Social Sciences.

Punctum Books is a scholar-led, queer-led, and peer-reviewed diamond open-access (OA) academic book publisher devoted to academic and para-academic authors working in any field in the humanities, social sciences, fine arts, and architecture & design who want to publish books that are genre-bending and which take experimental risks with the forms and styles of intellectual writing. Three primary concentrations for Punctum are (1) books that shift the paradigm in established disciplines; (2) books that help to create new, transdisciplinary fields; and (3) books that play in the fields of creatively speculative thought. Punctum is committed to supporting projects of translation and multilingualism across a wide variety of historical periods, geographies, and languages. All staff work remotely (equitable working conditions and no subcontracting for cheaper labor).

Unlike other publishers and OA initiatives that charge author-facing fees to publish OA books (Book Processing Charges, or BPCs), Punctum believes these fees are not sustainable and also aggravate deeply entrenched inequities in the scholarly publishing landscape. Related to this, the average cost of making an academic book, according to the majority of well-established university and commercial academic presses, can range from $15,000 up to $30,000 per title (on average), and making digital ebooks available in open-access form, utilizing all of the best practices for the curation and preservation of digital objects and their integration into global knowledge systems, and with no economic or technical barriers to authors and readers worldwide, necessitates rethinking the traditional business models for academic publishing. This includes developing new protocols that will assist us in streamlining workflows and reducing costs and overheads in ways that are fully transparent to the communities (including libraries) invested in more transformative models of open scholarly communications. The average production cost of a Punctum book is $6,500, without sacrificing quality on any level, including the care of our authors.

Various Journals

New online journals have been added across a variety of disciplines. Search for the title in the eJournal Portal to gain access.

  • German Yearbook of Contemporary History
  • National Council of Teachers of English: Comprehensive Subscription Package (increased from 4 titles to 10 total)
    • College Composition and Communication
    • College English
    • English Education
    • English Journal
    • English Leadership Quarterly
    • Language Arts
    • Research in the Teaching of English
    • Talking Point
    • Teaching English in the Two Year College
    • Voices from the Middle
  • Review of Religion and Chinese Society
  • Wordsworth Circle

Wall Street Journal: Full Subscription Version

Wall Street Journal QR code to activate subscription


For a long time, the Kelvin Smith Library (KSL) provided several options to access current articles and/or historical archives of the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) content. One of the most requested additions for our online content was to make a model similar to a "personal" subscription, but sadly an ideal model did not exist - until now! Starting February 1, 2024, the library has acquired 3 years of access for all faculty, staff, and students of CWRU.

This is the full version as if someone subscribed to their own subscription. It is accessible by the library database list via single sign-on (SSO) where you will create a WSJ account. You will have full access to the website, app, customizations, newsletters, videos, podcasts, and challenges (health, personal, & professional development courses and resources). Additional offerings include live Q&A programs and other event announcements.

If a student, faculty, or staff subscriber has a personal WSJ subscription and would like to convert it to the CWRU WSJ access, they will need to call 1-800-JOURNAL to cancel.


Students gain access to a method to submit opinions that may get published directly to the opinion page on, a referral program, and discounts upon graduation. For graduating seniors, WSJ offers a discounted subscription for young professionals priced at $2 per month for the first year —a 95% discount on the standard consumer rate. Students who take advantage of the offer will continue to get a discounted rate for the next 7 years.

Instructors gain access to assessment tools, critical thinking resources, workshops, seminars, how-to guides, and announcements to conferences.

CWRU faculty, staff, and students will also gain access to announcements and invitations for exclusive events and series.

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